Mauro Hanzen

Business Development and Sales Director. Entrepreneur and sales savvy. Over 25 years of experience in the audiovisual and filming sector in Latin America. Mauro also co-founded Vision Art, one of the most prestigious production studio in Brazil.

Tiago Vignatti

Director of Engineering. True computer scientist from theoretical computer science, to MSc degree in networks and to graphics engineer expert. Worked  building consumer devices at Nokia and later  on Chrome browser optimizing software for Intel in Helsinki, Finland.


Rafael Gregorio

Art Director. Graphics Designer. Specialized in 3D and photo-realism, gamification and real-time interaction. Has 15 years of experience on designing beautiful projects.

Igor Sales

Content Director and PR. Film director by the International Academy of Cinema. Began the audiovisual career in 2001 directing, producing and also as a VFX specialist. Directed marketing campaigns and documentaries for major brands and television in Latin America, including Canal Futura and Rede Globo.


Gabriel Ramos

Software architect and researcher in Artificial Intelligence applied to Education. A computer scientist, he holds a MSc degree in Intelligent Tutors and Artificial Intelligence applied to Education. During his 10 years of professional experience, he specializes in the development of interactive media,  digital games, mobile applications and web systems.

Fabiano Friedrich

M.A. B.Sc., 20-years-experienced Architect, Fabiano has accomplished works in 4 continents. Along the last 15 years, he has been developing parametrical systems for architecture. In the last 5 years, he started to focus on the creation of games and apps for VR and AR.

Camilo Ortiz

Graduated in cinema and audiovisual at the Federal University of the Latin American Integration. Post-production film specialist, acting in the areas of cinema and 360 videos, as well as interactive applications in Virtual Reality. 


Pamela Vieira

Graduated in International Relations. She has 6 years of experience working with Procurement and Business in industry. She is also the regional coordinator in Parana for the International Association for Social and Technological Development, NGO under which she develops entrepreneurship and robotics educational projects to school age youth since 2012.


Jean Negreiros

Technician in Audiovisual Production and Computer Graphics. He has 8 years of experience with 3D designing and is specialist in the development of assets and scenarios for games. Jean is 3D artist of AmbIA since December 2017.

Tamires Maxwell

Technician in Digital Games, 3 years of experience with 2D modeling, Game and Graphics Design. Tamires is 2D artist of AmbIA since January 2017.

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